Welcome To The Fastest Growing Segment Of The $200 Billion Dollar Pet Industry!

Private label freeze-dried treats are the fastest-growing segment in the pet industry, according to the American Pet Products Association.

Foodynamics Is Here!

Foodynamics, LLC is a Wisconsin-based company that manufactures ultra-premium freeze-dried treats for cats and dogs. Partnering with us means gaining access to the fastest-growing category in the pet industry, and we are genuinely committed to supporting your growth.

We are the manufacturer and have developed an integrated network of experts to assist your business in being successful, from the very beginning of legally incorporating your business to order fulfillment and all the steps in between.

We started out very small and aimed to create a solution that helps businesses succeed. Because your success is our success!

How It Works

Here’s how to kickstart your treat business! Remember, every step listed is optional. You’re free to manage these tasks on your own, outsource them as you see fit, or take advantage of our partner services. This flexibility is beneficial if you’ve made progress in some areas or prefer a DIY approach.

It’s worth noting that while these steps can move forward swiftly, creating a labeling and packaging strategy often requires the most time, based on our experience.


Set-Up A Discovery Call With Us
Join Business Group

Join the Idea Collective Small Business Community. This is a small business group of owers from a wide range of industries. This is where we learn what we don’t know, share our experiences and offer a sense of belonging to every small business owner working to build their dream. Foodynamics customers get a two-week free-trial “Evaluation Period” challenge. You can come try the community and see if the group is for you. Click Here.

Legal Incorporation

Contact Omni Law P.C. today at (323) 761-7855 to schedule a consultation and discover how experienced lawyers can assist you in achieving your business goals. You will also need a Federal Tax ID number and resale certificate number in your state.

Click Here To Incorporate Your Business

Open Wholesale Account

Click here to open a wholesale account with Foodynamics. Note: You must have an incorporated company, Federal Tax ID and a resale certificate number in your state of incorporation. Click here to open your Foodynamics Account!

Product Selection

After activating your wholesale account, you’ll gain access to our full product catalog and pricing. Choose the products you wish to begin with, and then you can initiate the graphic design and packaging/label printing process. This phase is the most time-consuming aspect of the startup process.

Graphic Design

Work with our experts in pet branding. Dox Design! https://www.foodynamics.com/doxdesign/

There are many packaging options available! Including clear bags with labels.

Or, printed bags and other types of packaging.

Sales Channels

At this stage, it’s time to explore how you will sell your products. Common opportunities are eCommerence sales, retail sales, farmers markets, multi-level marketing, expos, direct to consumer, affiliate or influencer marketing, social media sales, etc. Foodynamics can work with you on identifying different options.

Package Printing
photoBryan Johnson
Regional Sales Executive
Order Fulfillment

Many startups opt to handle their own order fulfillment in the beginning. However, we partner with a leader in pet product order fulfillment. The Badger Fulfillment Group can help you with every aspect of order fulfillment and warehousing. Badger Fulfillment Group