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We currently are not exporting outside the United States.


Absolutely, here’s a revised version for your website:

Our Strict Sourcing Standards

At Foodynamics, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality in our products, reflected in our rigorous sourcing policies:

  1. Exclusively USDA and FDA Inspected Products: We strictly use products that have passed the stringent inspections of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This ensures that every item we use adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety.
  2. Human Grade Ingredients Only: All our products are sourced from reputable human grade distributors. This approach allows us to ensure a higher level of quality control and ethical practices in our supply chain.
  3. No Use of 3D/4D Sources or Rendered Products: Our facility is committed to maintaining the integrity of our products. We do not allow the use of 3D or 4D sources, rendered products, or any materials that have been denatured.
  4. Flexibility in Sourcing: Understanding our clients’ diverse needs, we offer the option to either select from our carefully vetted sources or to bring in your own. This flexibility allows us to cater to specific preferences and requirements.

By upholding these sourcing policies, we ensure that our products not only meet but exceed industry standards, guaranteeing the best for our clients.

We ensure 100% traceability of all our sources, which comply entirely with SQF standards. For more comprehensive information, please contact us.

Standard Catalog Pricing

Our pricing and margins are competitive, We offer a standard catalog on our wholesale website. Apply here or login.

Minimum Order Quantities (No MOQ’s)

We do not have minimum order quantities (MOQs). You can order in bulk, by the pound, or by-the-ounce-in-packages.

Food Formulation, Customization and Pricing

While our website showcases many of our freeze-dried offerings, it’s not exhaustive.

Foodynamics is committed to maintaining confidentiality through non-disclosure agreements with many of our clients, safeguarding proprietary recipes, formulas, and processes.

Our team is enthusiastic about partnering with private labels to bring innovative designs to life. We excel in converting ideas and formulations into high-quality, tangible products.

For those seeking to develop a complete and balanced raw freeze-dried foods adhering to AAFCO and FEDIAF standards, we offer expert formulation assistance through a partnership with Dr. Susan Recker, DVM, at the prestigious Royal Animal Health University, also known as the Animal Diet Formulator. Dr. Recker’s expertise ensures that your custom treats or foods meet the highest standards of quality and nutrition. Once your formula is ready, Foodynamics will assist in producing your custom
formulation, ensuring it fully aligns with your vision. We accommodate even those ingredients not typically found in our inventory.

If you are interested in a complete and balanced food


  • Includes administration consultation, time for ingredient sourcing, research, etc. Standard Customization Package: This includes 2-hours of dedicated customization service at $225
  • Additional Customization: Additional services are available at $135 per hour
  • Price of product is based on labor, ingredient market price, and any additional processing steps.
  • Freeze Drying Your Raw Product: $3.00 per LB wet weight


Costs associated with customized to meet the unique needs of your product.
Note: Additional fees apply for packaging sizes beyond our standard range.
Shipping and Handling: Market Pricing

Foody Safety

We use a software package called Wherefour which tracks our entire process from raw sourcing of materials through finished products to insure traceability of our entire process.

We are completing our SQF certification at our new facility in Wales, Wisconsin, USA. SQF is a food safety standard recognized by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). GFSI has approved SQF as one of the benchmarked schemes that meet their stringent requirements for food safety management systems. This recognition means that companies implementing SQF can demonstrate compliance with GFSI’s global standards, enhancing their credibility and market access.

How You Partner With Us

Partnering with Foodynamics gives you more than just a service provider – you gain a devoted ally. We’re passionately committed to supporting independent stores and pet food companies, providing extensive consultation and support.

Our process is straightforward and user-friendly:

  1. Read ALL of the FAQ’s
  2. Chat with our state of the art AI Powered CHAT BOT
  3. Arrange a discovery call with one of our expert consultants.
  4. Fill out wholesale application.
  5. Complete the package design or labeling process.
  6. Place your order. We have a easy to use wholesale website powered by Shopify or you can send us a purchase order.

Packaging & Labels

Dive into our extensive range of packaging solutions, tailored to give your brand a distinctive edge. Choose from an array of options including labeled and printed bags, secure clamshells, sleek canisters, sturdy tubs, and convenient shakers. Elevate your brand’s presence with our comprehensive brand management services, designed to meet your unique needs. Let us help you showcase your products in style and make a lasting impression.

Standard Bags Sizes

If you’re not purchasing one-pound bags or bulk quantities, we suggest using two standard bag sizes. You can download the bag design templates by clicking the link provided.

At Foodynamics, we understand that every brand’s journey is personal and unique. 

That’s why we brought in our friends at Dox Design

 Whether you’re nurturing a new brand from its initial seeds, or striving to elevate an established one, Dox will catalyze your growth. Our goal is to be a collaborative partner in your brand’s evolution.

While Foodynamics produces and packages an industry premium product for you, Dox Design will take your current branding, or create a new one, to make sure that your outsides match the quality on the inside.


If you are creating your own bags or packaging, please keep in mind the following:

1.) Ensure compatibility between your product and the packaging by consulting with us. For instance, packaging capacities are often calculated in liquid ounces, but the volume occupied by different materials can vary significantly. Three ounces of freeze-dried beef liver will occupy a different amount of space compared to three ounces of water, and similarly, three ounces of salmon will differ in volume from three ounces of beef liver.

2.) It’s crucial to discuss the content that will be printed on your labels or bags with us. This ensures that all information is accurate and compliant with necessary guidelines.

If you’re not purchasing one-pound bags or bulk quantities, we suggest using two standard bag sizes. You can download the bag design templates by clicking the link provided.:

Warehouse & Order Fulfillment

Our partner, a fulfillment expert in the pet industry, excels in delivering exceptional ecommerce fulfillment, warehousing, and transportation services, all customizable to meet the unique needs of your business. Their comprehensive solutions are designed to integrate effortlessly with your ecommerce platform, managing storage and shipping responsibilities with ease. This collaboration allows you to focus on your business’s core functions, confident in the knowledge that the fulfillment aspect is in expert hands. Our partner’s diverse range of fulfillment integration options guarantees a perfect fit for your specific requirements. Whether you need a simple setup or a complex system, they are equipped to handle it. Understanding that every business is unique, they offer various customization options, ensuring their services align seamlessly with your individual needs.


At Foodynamics, we strive to make your ordering experience as smooth as possible. Here’s how it works: Start by submitting your wholesale application. Once approved, and we’ve received your packaging, you’re all set to place orders either online (powered by Shopify) or through a purchase order. Our standard catalog items are typically ready to ship within a week. For any custom or bulk orders, please get in touch with us to discuss specific lead times. We’re here to help streamline your process and get your products to you when you need them.


We can freeze-dry up to 40,000 pounds of raw product each month.

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