Embark on Your Brand’s Journey with Foodynamics powered by Dox Design!

At Foodynamics, we understand that every brand’s journey is personal and unique. 

That’s why we brought in our friends at Dox Design

 Whether you’re nurturing a new brand from its initial seeds, or striving to elevate an established one, Dox will catalyze your growth. Our goal is to be a collaborative partner in your brand’s evolution.

While Foodynamics produces and packages an industry premium product for you, Dox Design will take your current branding, or create a new one, to make sure that your outsides match the quality on the inside.

Dox Design Services

Dox Design is here to help ensure that your logo and branding is ready to be put in use on some amazing product. 

We have a team that has a comprehensive suite of creative solutions designed to resonate with your vision and speak to your audience. Here’s what we bring to the table:

Logo Design

We believe that each brand is uniquely its own—no questions asked— and that’s why we do everything, including logo design, from scratch! You’ll get a 100% custom-to-you logo suite that includes all the variations you need for websites, social media, email, print materials, apparel, packaging, and more!

Your Visual Toolbox
Dox Design will package your…
• custom color palette
• font selections
• illustrations
• hand-crafted icons
• patterns
• and more!

Brand Guidelines

This in-depth document pulls together all of your brand identity pieces in one place, with everything you will need to successfully use your new brand. We don’t just build strong brands—we build strong, independent business-owners, too!

Packaging Design

Dox Design goes beyond packaging – we craft immersive brand experiences. Our designs are more than wrappers; they’re visual stories that captivate and resonate. We believe in the fusion of form and function, creating packages that are not just eye-catching but also intuitive gateways to your product. Every curve, color, and detail is meticulously curated to tell your brand’s narrative and leave a lasting impression. At dox.design, we don’t just design packages; we sculpt brand essences that stand out in the marketplace.

• Labels
• Hang Tags
• Bags
• Tissue Paper
• Product Backers
• Welcome Boxes
• Mailer Boxes
• Poly Mailers
• Flex Pouches
• Custom Die-lines & Packaging Solutions

Print Design

We focus on both looks and practicality, ensuring our print designs are not just eye-catching but also easy to understand. Every detail, from layout to typography, is carefully chosen to effectively communicate your brand’s story. At dox.design, we don’t just design prints; we create tangible brand stories that stand out.

• Business Cards
• Signage
• Stickers
• Thank You Cards
• Gift Cards
• Greeting Cards

Social Media Bundle

Let’s get social, with your custom social media bundle! Includes a branded profile and cover image plus 4 ready-to-use social media templates in Adobe Illustrator or Canva. If you are a Canva fan, we’ll even set up your brand kit in your account for you!

Digital Media Design

Dox redefines digital ad design – it’s about shaping impactful brand experiences. Our designs transcend visuals; they tell compelling stories that resonate with your audience online. We prioritize both aesthetics and functionality, ensuring our digital ads are not just visually engaging but also deliver information effectively. Every element, from layout to messaging, is thoughtfully curated to communicate your brand’s narrative seamlessly. At dox.design, we don’t just design digital ads; we craft digital brand stories that captivate and leave a lasting impression

• Custom Social Media Graphics
• Workbooks
• Opt-ins
• Landing Page Design
• Course Creation
• Social Ad Campaigns
• Email Newsletter design + content
• Website Graphics (header graphics, icons, etc.)